Las Vegas Attractions

Whilst the biggest attraction of Las Vegas is the grand scale and opulent surroundings of the casinos and the gambling, there is also far more to Las Vegas and the surrounding area than just casinos.

The scenery is one such attraction which many visitors to Las Vegas enjoy. The nearby Grand Canyon is an extremely popular tourist destination and is an absolute must for anybody who has not seen it before. This natural feature is even more spectacular when viewed from the air, which makes the available helicopter tours of the canyon even more appealing.

After seeing a natural wonder, why not visit a man-made one in the form of the Hoover Dam? Along with the actual spectacular dam itself, there are also exhibits such as the observation deck and a film about its history.

Adventurous types can ride through part of the Nevada desert on horseback and travel the same trails that outlaws once rode in the American West.

If you prefer an attraction a little closer to your hotel, why not consider an aerial view of the Las Vegas Strip either by helicopter or by hot air balloon?