Las Vegas Holidays

As destinations go, Las Vegas holidays are right up there with the best of them. With a veritable feast of sensory delights that come with a wander down the Las Vegas Strip, going on holiday to Las Vegas is a must for anyone who has even a remote interest in casinos and gambling. Of course, you do not need to spend much time gambling, (or indeed any!) to enjoy Las Vegas and the surrounding area with the numerous attractions available to experience and the nearby places of interest to visit such as the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam.

Whilst the Las Vegas attractions and excursions will interest children, as will the sights and sounds walking down the Strip, choosing Las Vegas as a holiday destination to take the kids to is probably not ideal. This is because only those over 21 years of age will be able to enter the casinos, even those located in the hotels they are staying at, so not only can they not gamble but they are not allowed to stand and watch either. Aside from being a bit of a downer for them, it can also cause problems for parents as they will need to arrange for someone to watch their kids whilst they visit the casinos or take it in turns to stay with them, neither of which is ideal!