Las Vegas Hotels on the Strip

The Las Vegas Strip is the iconic location of the "new" Las Vegas, and is the place to be for those looking for extravagance, opulence, luxury and magnificence. It is where nearly all of the most famous Las Vegas hotels and resorts can be found such as the Bellagio, Aria, Stratosphere and The Venetian.

The hotels in the Las Vegas Strip tend to also be the most expensive as a result of both their popularity and of course the amount of investment required to construct and operate them! However, that does not mean to say that bargains cannot be had, particularly during the off-season, with cheap prices and extremely good value deals for the Las Vegas Strip hotels coming up all of the time.

Selected Las Vegas Strip Hotels


The Bellagio is one of the most beautiful and spectacular of all the hotels in Las Vegas. With the iconic fountains at the front, this enormous hotel features five swimming pools, multiple restaurants and cafes, designer shopping area and one-chair barbershop it is truly the hotel to stay in Las Vegas for those who can afford it.


The fantastically modern Aria hotel contains the most technologically-advanced hotel rooms in the US, incorporating a wealth of environmentally-friendly initiatives to limit the impact upon the environment from such a colossal hotel complex (it is in the top ten list of the largest hotels in the world with 4,004 rooms).


The Venetian is a truly stunning hotel resort designed to imitate the spirit of the Italian city, with pools that resemble the fountains of Italy and even allowing visitors to take a trip on a Gondola to really let them think they are in Venice.